Under the Weather

from by Project Sonata



Tell me how much I waste your time
Tell me how much I fuss and whine
Tell me what I am doing wrong
Was I the problem all along?

What's the point of flooding you with all my feelings if none of them reach your head?

Shutting my mouth I hold onto joy
As if it's a tiny rain droplet I'll forget
And in my dreams I hope that I can
Express my woes and troubles without
Your two sense

Why can't I ever feel happy?
Why do these storm clouds surround me?

Screaming out loud I push away joy
As if it's hail penetrating my poor body
And if I dream I know that I can't
Discard my woes and troubles without
Your two sense
Such nonsense

I can't disregard all the damage done
But at least I can try
To fly
To another place

Finally at last I welcome this joy
As if it's a sunbeam shining down from Heaven
And in my dreams I know that I can
Exclaim my woes and troubles without
Your two sense
Or nonsense


from Creation, released April 14, 2017
Song, Music, Lyrics & Vocal Mixing: YoppyVU
Mastering & Composition Help: [OneThoughtRemains] S.O.U.L
UST & Sonata Tuning: MakkuSan
Special Thanks: Aku-P
Main Vocals: Sonata VCCV English
Harmonies: Vocaloid 3 Avanna
Artwork: axelhax



all rights reserved


Project Sonata

Project Sonata is a project that uses the sythesis program UTAU to create vocals. Our UTAU is a composer-like young woman named Sonata.

We're collaborating with many producers in the community to bring you wonderful and various music styles!

We hope to sell enough to donate an outstanding amount to the DBS Alliance this year, and hopefully create more collaborative albums in the near future!
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